PUMA Kenpo is a practical self defense system. It is a program that includes Striking, Grappling & Weapons techniques for self defense.


The curriculum is primarily IKCA Chinese Kenpo. IKCA Chinese Kenpo is a condense version of American Kenpo. However we include BKF Kenpo, Kyokushinkai, 52 blocks, Shorinji Kenpo, Harlem boxing hands etc. For expanding on techniques and library of motion.


For grappling methods we use No-gi Taiki Ryu Judo/Sambo. We focus on ending the ground fight 10-30 seconds or less as our goal. However, we do practice grappling longer for extensive ground fighting for competition.


Weapons we use a form of Eskrima from the Philippines called Heyrosa De Quardas Eskrima. This is a small system that is easily applied for combat. The principles of each weapon can be applied to the next weapon, a system of Principles.